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  • "All of this I saw, 
  • and part of it I was."

  • Herodotus, 
  • circa 400 B.C. 

  • "And so say I."

  • June Wandrey, 
  • circa 1945 A.D 

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The Story of a Combat Nurse
During WWII
June Wandrey
As Seen in "WWII in HD" on the History Channel

Laughingly labeled a BEDPAN COMMANDO by the troops, June Wandrey recorded WWII from ambulance and tent as her mobile surgical unit followed the infantry. BEDPAN COMMANDO is a nurse’s story of a man’s war from Fort Custer to Dachau and all the bloody spots in between. Across North Africa and on to Sicily, Italy, France, Germany, Allach and Dachau, these women fought death, despair, and exhaustion with humor, tears and guts. 

240 Pages from her diary and letters, and illustrated with 70 never-before-published photographs, BEDPAN COMMANDO chronicles Wandrey’s coming-of-age while the world learned to capitalize the word Holocaust. Hysterical, historical, funny and sad. Young, confident and energetic, she climbed the gangplank on the SS Santa Elena bound for the battlefields of North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. 

From her diary, notes and letters, live with her the life of a surgical nurse in the 10th Field Hospital, often operating within the sounds of the guns. Feel with her the despair and infinite sadness as she cares for and comforts the wounded soldiers. Empathize with her agonized cry from the horrors of Allach and Dachau, “Where are you, God?” 

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